On November 6, 2017, Malta station BPA Michael Morser, his wife, and two daughters lost their home to a devastating fire yesterday. At 2:45 pm, NBPC President Brandon Judd responded to the scene and provided assistance to Michael and his family. The Morser family lost everything in their home due to the fire and now they need our help.

Please visit the following link and help the Morser family as much as you can: Morser Family Care Campaign.

The NBPC has provided a monetary donation to the Morser family and will continue to provide them with as much support as possible.

The new Operational Mobility Announcement is now open, effective October 26, 2017 and will close on November 8, 2017. Applicants that applied under the previous announcement must reapply in order to be considered. The new announcement number is: USBP-OM-10058024-CS.

Below is the link for the Operational Mobility Announcement for journeyman Border Patrol agents (BPA) in the grades of GL-05 through GS-12.

Official USAJOBS Announcement

For Border Patrol agents who are interested in transfer opportunities, the Operational Mobility Announcement opened today, October 2, 2017. It closes on October 13, 2017 so do not delay applying if interested. Be advised, HRM made some mistakes on the announcement and those mistakes are in the process of being corrected. View the announcement.

The National Border Patrol Council is proud to support Kevin K. McAleenan to be the next Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. We urge the Senate Committee on Finance to quickly schedule his confirmation hearing.

Download the official letter of support

OT Lawsuit

If you are a border patrol agent who is a member of the NBPC union, click here for info to sign up for the overtime lawsuit.



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