NBPC President Brandon Judd’s March 23rd Testimony Before House Judiciary Committee

President Obama continues to demonstrate that enforcing the law is not his priority. Today NBPC President Brandon Judd testified under oath in front of the House of Representative Judiciary Committee. In his testimony, Judd confirmed the existence of what has become known as “catch and release”. This program directly violates the President’s “Priority Enforcement Guidelines” by refusing to process and deport those who have entered the US illegally after December 31, 2013.

Why have Guidelines if your not going to follow them? Under oath Judd testified that Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated to him ““Why would we NTA those we have no intention of deporting?” He also stated, “We should not place someone in deportation proceedings, when the courts already have a 3-6 year back log.” This group included individuals who entered illegally into after the December 31, 2013 deadline.

Americans are tired of being ignored. In caucuses and primaries across the nation, Americans are voting against the establishment. They are frustrated that they are being ignored. The public has demanded border security for far too long. However, President Obama is tone deaf to their calls. He and his cronies continue to mislead and misinform them as they expand amnesty and weaken enforcement and security.

Five Questions all Americans should be asking:

# 1: If the President was expanding his amnesty programs why not just be straight with the American people? President Obama is an outstanding communicator. If he felt like he was doing was right, he should be confident enough that the American people would understand his reasoning and support his efforts. So why hide the expansion? The reason is the public does not support his continued expansion of amnesty.

#2: Does this expansion put our communities at risk? American’s shake their heads in sorrow and disbelief when they read the heartbreaking stories of five people killed as part of Missouri/Kansas crime spree, or how a daughter was shot while sharing a gorgeous San Francisco day with her dad, or how Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega bravely protected his family as thieves attacked them while they were fishing in South Texas. These tragedies may have been prevented if Obama’s priority was to protect our citizens and not pandering to the ACLU and other pro-illegal immigrant groups. It appears that President Obama’s priority is not and will never be enforcement but amnesty.

#3 : Is the Commissioner power hungry or incompetent? Either he has to go. This hearing should put the spotlight on Commissioner Kerlikowske’s leadership and ability to head U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Commissioner has demonstrated he is unfit or unable to do the job at hand. Someone has to be accountable.If he was following directives from the President then the President owes the public an explanation why he kept this a secret. If the President was unaware of the program he needs to restore public trust by removing those responsible. It is sad that after seven years, Obama’s has no plan to enforce our nation’s immigrations laws.

# 4 : Why not ask for additional resource to address the court backlog? If the Administration was concerned with the court’s backlog why not request additional funds to expedite the case by either hiring more judges or expanding Operation Streamline. Simply put, the Administration is not be interested in fixing a problem they intentionally created. They have manipulated the situation to expand their amnesty programs without Congressional or pubic consent.

# 5: Isn’t this just a page torn from the “Dreamers Playbook” ? The main argument “Dreamer” made was by no fault of their own they were here illegally and should not be held responsible this act and therefore granted citizenship. It is reasonable that those not issued NTA as part to “Catch and Release” program will make the same claim as part demand for amnesty. The Administration and the Democrats must believe this is good politics.