Congress Funds DHS

The National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents more than 16,500 Border Patrol agents, congratulates Congress for today’s passage of a “Clean Bill” to fund DHS.

But the NBPC demands Washington politicians stop playing games with Border Patrol agents’ well-being and financial security.

Politicians are quick to declare their support for the Border Patrol, said Brandon Judd, the union’s president. “But don’t just tell us you support agents,” he said. “We demand that Congress and the White House show us and stop using our agents as political pawns.”

Lawmakers need to protect those who protect our nation, Judd said.

“Each time Congress threatens to withhold funding for DHS, it impacts our agents. Regardless of the political climate in Washington, our agents deserve to know that they are valued and supported in not just words but in deeds. It’s unacceptable and unconscionable to put the financial security of our men and women in jeopardy when we ask them to risk their lives to serve our nation.”

“Make no mistake,” Judd added. “The partisan divide is hurting agents and their families. We send politicians to Washington to solve problems, but instead we get endless bickering and policy warfare. Congress needs to make sure that the collateral damage doesn’t include agents’ pay.”