DREAMer Speech at DNC Shows Poor Judgment by Sec. Clinton

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd called Secretary Clinton decision to give illegal immigrant Astrid Silva a national stage poor judgment and reckless. Flaunting the breaking of our nation’s immigrations laws will only encourage additional illegal immigration and further endanger agents. It is puzzling that as Americans grow more anxious about their security in light of terrorist attacks at home and abroad, the DNC and Secretary Clinton glorify lawlessness.

Judd stated, “Every day, Agents put their lives on the line to protect our borders from illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and others intending to harm our citizens. Mrs. Clinton’s embrace of lawlessness disrespects the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform.”

Judd added, “Our nation owes a great debt to those who wear a badge. It is unfortunate that Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats are so tone deaf that they cannot hear the voices of hard working Americans who demand border security. Instead of choosing to honor the heroes who rush in when everyone else is running out, they choose to highlight those who violate our laws.

Nearly two weeks ago, in response to the assassination of five officers and wounding of seven in Dallas, Secretary Clinton called on all Americans to ramp down the rhetoric and work to find common ground. It is sad that those sentiments only lasted as long as the news cycle. Mrs. Clinton and the DNC’s actions dishonor the memory of not only the 120 Border Patrol Agents killed in the line of duty, but all officers killed in the line of duty and the hundreds of crime victims traumatized by those in our country illegally.

“The greatest challenge for a presidential candidate is to demonstrate they are ‘presidential.’ In this situation, Mrs. Clinton and the DNC fall dramatically short of that goal. This week, Americans got a good look at the early days of a Clinton Presidency focused on dividing the nation and fighting old wars instead of planning for the future.“