Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Plan

History will not look kindly on President Obama’s border security policies and his conscientious efforts to mislead the American people. Historians may refer to this period as the “Era of No Consequences,” which resulted in the increase of dangerous drugs like meth and heroin, as well as criminal aliens flooding our communities. It will be remembered for the media’s abdication of their primary responsibility to question authority, instead of parroting the White House’s talking points. Obama’s efforts to deceive the America public about border security, in order to pursue amnesty programs rejected by Congress and the American people will go down as this administration’s “Big Lie.”

In reality, President Obama’s policies created the illegal immigrant crisis that dogged his presidency. For seven years, the President’s marketers sold him as the “Deporter in Chief.” There was no truth behind that marketing campaign. The truth is that those living in the U.S. illegally were less likely to be deported than under any previous administration. Interior deportations under Obama were down 40 percent and at a nine-year low. In addition, eight out of ten illegal immigrants caught at the border were allowed to stay. In many cases, they were given taxpayer-funded bus tickets to relocate to cities in the interior of the nation. Finally, the administration intentionally misled the public on how many criminal aliens ICE released into the country. It has been reported that the agency released more than 120,000 illegal aliens with criminal records. This number was significantly larger than what Director Saldana said to Congress during her testimony. The Boston Globe reported that 30 percent of those released in New England re-offended and were charged with rape, child molestation, aggravated assault, armed robbery and attempted murder. This is Obama’s true legacy on border security.

A reasonable person would think that after reviewing this abysmal record, Obama’s potential successor would distance themselves from this disaster. However, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s only criticism was that Obama did not go far enough. Clinton and Obama both agree that they must appease the liberal extremists in their party. Unfortunately, the citizens who were victimized by criminal aliens paid the cost of that appeasement, as well as cities that were flooded with meth and heroin and the crimes associated with the illegal trade.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton fail to recognize we live in a world where religious and political fanatics are actively plotting to harm U.S. citizens at home and abroad. Instead of investing in measures to secure our nation’s borders, they have openly and actively pursued what Secretary of State John Kerry called a “borderless world.” Americans need to ask themselves: Do we want to risk the safety and security of our family, businesses and communities on the dangerous and extreme policies supported by the ACLU, American Friends Service Committee, and other leftist extremists?

President Obama’s immigration policies, the product of special interest collusion, have decimated border security. These failures have flooded our communities with illegal immigrants, criminals, and dangerous drugs like meth and heroin. The refusal to enforce our immigration laws has given drug cartels the opportunity to expand their territory across America and access lucrative revenue streams, as illegal immigrants have paid billions of dollars to these organizations to smuggle family members into the U.S.

To our deep dismay and concern, the Clinton Immigration Plan embraces the Obama policies that created the “Era of No Consequences.” These policies fueled the illegal immigration crisis and drug epidemic that victimized entire cities and destroyed families. Those that were hardest hit by these policies included minorities, single mothers, lawful resident aliens, and others who had to compete for services and charities that were overwhelmed by the massive influx of illegal aliens.

Secretary Clinton’s call for expanding these dangerous policies makes no sense and only demonstrates her willingness to sell out the security of American families to protect her political career. Her immigration plan is not only bad for American families, but previews an Administration that will once again defy the will of the voters and Congress to implement a divisive, partisan agenda.

Secretary Clinton calls immigration a family problem. However, her plan does nothing to protect American families who are victimized every day by our blind pursuit of open, European-style borders. No one, in either party, should run for office unless they are willing to put the interests of American families above anything or anyone else.

Every American family should be alarmed that her plan leaves their children vulnerable to drug cartels that control the Mexican border. Last year, 150,000 people were killed by these ruthless criminal organizations. Anyone who opposed them quickly discovered that these cartel leaders were morally bankrupt. Hundreds of journalists, activists, politicians and law enforcement officers simply disappeared or fled to the U.S., as the cartels used forms of terror such as torture, dismemberment and beheadings to control people. Clinton’s failure to recognize this pending threat leaves all of us vulnerable to the growing power and influence of these criminal organizations.

We are already seeing a massive influx of activity on our southern border. Secretary Clinton’s very candidacy, and the amnesty she promises, is luring families into the U.S. We would face an unprecedented crisis if she was elected and allowed to implement her plan. Cartels and Islamic extremists would quickly manipulate this chaos and further their plans to harm innocent American citizens. Clinton has pledged to close detention centers, release immigrant family members and offer American citizenship, Obamacare, education, and amnesty to all. She mysteriously chooses to ignore the lesson from recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Belgium and London, as she pushes to drastically expand refugee admissions to citizens from countries not friendly to the U.S.

Clinton’s plan is another troubling example of her eagerness to ignore the inconvenient truth that we live in dangerous times. She continues to put the desires of social elites above the deafening choir of hard-working everyday citizens who are demanding real border security. We can no longer afford to weaken border security and hope for the best. Clinton’s Immigration Plan is dangerous, and may win her liberal voter support at the risk of every family’s security.

We believe that once the American public reads Clinton’s immigration plan, they will agree it is weak, panders to liberal extremists, and will result in their families and communities becoming less safe and more at-risk. Simply put, this plan is garbage and will do nothing to protect Americans. In fact, as the Obama “Era of No Consequences” demonstrated, weak enforcement equals greater opportunity for bad things to happen. The public must get the facts and reject this plan, and its architect, Secretary Clinton.

The National Border Patrol Council, and its 16,500 Border Patrol Agent members stand in opposition to this reckless and dangerous plan.