NBPC Calls Out CBP Commissioner for Failed Leadership

Kerlikowske’s see-something-say-nothing approach weakens border security.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil R. Kerlikowske presented testimony before the House Appropriations Committee that was riddled with half-truths and included at least one outright lie.

“Border Patrol agents do not turn every individual we arrest over to ICE,” said Brandon Judd, NBPC president. “Under the Prosecutorial Discretion guidelines, we walk a great many illegal aliens out our front door without them even being interviewed by ICE. In these cases we don’t even refer these individuals via a notice to appear to see a judge, the lawful proceeding that allows a person to show cause for why they should be allowed to remain. We simply let them go and pretend they were never in our custody.”

Judd added: “The commissioner and I have serious disagreements on border security. He believes that amnesty programs like DAPA, DACA and ‘catch and release’ are the right approach. However, what we have seen is that these programs are only adding to the crisis, as illegal immigrants believe they are going to be allowed to stay.”

“The commissioner called into question my comments about the border. But if the NBPC isn’t a reliable source, why doesn’t the commissioner dispute my facts with truth? He can’t, because the truth doesn’t fit his narrative. I respect the commissioner, but I believe we are on the wrong path when it comes to protecting our borders. The public would benefit a great deal from a forum featuring Commissioner Kerlikowske and myself. It would help the public to hear about our two vastly different approaches. I am available to participate anytime and at any place convenient for the commissioner.”

When faced with tough questioning at the hearing about low morale in his agency, the commissioner showed his true colors and truly poor managerial style by saying, in effect: If they don’t like it, they should quit! In my view, his response was straight out of the “How to be a Bully” textbook.

Moreover, said Judd, “Not only do I have the right to question the commissioner, I have a responsibility to all agents as well as the American public I’m sworn to protect. Unfortunately, ‘superiors’ like Commissioner Kerlikowske are not held accountable for their words or actions. Agents nationwide consider CBP the No-Accountability agency and things will never change if politically minded and agenda-driven persons like Kerlikowske continue to occupy such high posts.”

Judd told Congress that we were seeing a new surge of unaccompanied minors and family units into the Rio Grande Valley. Kerlikowske stated that was not the case. In fact 2015 exceeded the previous record high numbers of 2014. We were right, but it was contradictory to the story they have been trying to sell the American people.”

“We have seen this sideshow time and time again,” Judd said. “When the administration wants to change the subject they look for a distraction. Criticizing my comments would be more interesting if the commissioner offered facts that refuted what I have said. He did not, because once the monthly stats are released the public will see that the border is an increasingly volatile, dangerous place controlled by violent international drug cartels.”