NBPC Commends Lawmakers For Seeing Border Problems Firsthand

The National Border Patrol Council commends Sen. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, for spending the day talking with Border Patrol agents about our nation’s security.

Last month, the House of Representatives sought to push through legislation that would have done little to secure our borders. At that time NBPC President Brandon Judd invited members of Congress to visit the Southwest border to hear from agents on what can and must be done to protect our nation.

“We are grateful that Senator Johnson, his colleagues and staff toured the Rio Grande Valley this weekend and made time to hear directly from the men and women tasked with the enormous responsibility of border security,” Judd said.

“Our agents serve as our nation’s first line of defense and the work we do daily impacts every community, from Dover, Del. to Ames, Iowa, to Tacoma, Wash. When we are successful, less violence spills over the border and into our communities. When we are successful less drugs end up on our streets and in our schoolyards. When we are successful, our nation is safer.”

Unfortunately, Americans are not getting the border security they are demanding.

“We need real solutions now to combat the increased arrests, the more aggressive action from smugglers and drug cartels, and threats from terrorist organizations,” Judd concluded. “We look forward to working with any member of Congress to develop and implement reforms that include increased resources and training for our agents and policies that do not fuel illegal immigration.”