NBPC Endorses Governor Mike DeWine for Re-election


April 14, 2022

TUCSON, AZ – Today, National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd issued the following statement after the NBPC officially endorsed Mike DeWine for re-election as Governor of Ohio:

“We are proud to endorse Ohio Governor Mike DeWine for re-election. Mike DeWine is a leader of principle and conviction who has a long record of supporting the crucial mission of securing our nation’s borders.

Governor DeWine knows to protect Ohio communities and the sovereignty of our great nation our borders must be secure. During an unprecedented surge of illegal immigration and drug trafficking in the summer of 2021, Governor Mike DeWine stepped up in a big way. He sent the Ohio National Guard and the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) to assist law enforcement and help secure our southern border and stop the cartels from harming not only the men, women, and children of Ohio, but of every state in the Union.

As a former Attorney General, Mike DeWine understands that feckless open border policies are directly responsible for the flow of lethal drugs into our communities, which spikes violent crime. He also understands that open border policies increase human trafficking causing so much pain and misery and allows cartels to generate billions of dollars in profit. To curb these effects, Governor DeWine allocated an additional $250 million in funding for law enforcement to keep Ohio communities safe.

We need more leaders like Mike DeWine who hold firm in their convictions, stand for the rule of law and make tough decisions to protect families and communities.

The National Border Patrol Council is confident that the people of Ohio recognize the importance of supporting border security which directly impacts national and economic security. Mike DeWine is a true friend.

A sovereign nation must control its borders. We ask all Ohioans to please stand with us by voting for Governor Mike DeWine.”

Download a copy of the official notice.