NBPC Issues Press Release on Kidnappings/Assaults in McAllen, TX


San Diego, CA – March 14, 2014 – The 17,000 members of the National Border Patrol Council wish to express their deepest condolences over the recent tragedy that occurred on March 12th and 13th in McAllen, Texas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this heinous crime. We cannot begin to fathom the pain and trauma they have suffered.

No Border Patrol agent will ever condone the actions taken by a criminal who was hiding among our ranks. His actions are unforgivable and do not reflect the integrity and values of Border Patrol agents nationwide. Many of our agents have young daughters and all of us have a mother; we would never want to see our loved ones assaulted by those who are supposed to protect them.

Every day Border Patrol agents struggle to do their job under very difficult circumstances. We ask that the actions of one man not taint the good deeds of all Border Patrol agents. Border Patrol agents were the first to find and assist the victims in this case.

Our members are fully cooperating with this investigation.


The National Border Patrol Council is a professional labor union representing more than 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff. The NBPC was founded in 1965, and is recognized as one of the most effective labor organizations in the Federal sector.

For more information please contact Shawn Moran, Vice President at (855) 278-6466 ext. 806