Priority Enforcement Program Fails Yet Again in Murder Spree

American’s Safety Not Obama’s Priority

A man suspected of killing five people across Kansas and Missouri was arrested early Wednesday morning after an extensive manhunt.

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino is a Mexican citizen in the US illegally. Even if this man was caught prior to the crimes, he would have been released under President Obama’s Priority Enforcement guidelines. That means this criminal was free to roam our streets, and not until he committed the heinous murders of five people, would he have been a candidate for deportation.

In a cruel twist, ICE issued a detainer for Serrano-Vitorino but sent it to the wrong jurisdiction.  That being said, Serrano-Vitorino would have been released without so much as a Notice to Appear, due to the constraints of the Priority Enforcement Program.

NBPC President Brandon Judd stated, “It is unbelievable that these events continue to happen. The number one priority of any administration is to protect the well being of its citizens. Here is just another case where the Administration’s actions demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice the safety of our neighbors and our families at the alter of amnesty. The public should be outraged and demand our agents enforce the immigrations laws of our nation. Enough is enough.”

This Administration has prioritized amnesty over the safety of our citizens time and time again. That has to end. We will wait and see if the President, calls or meets with these families torn apart by his willingness to dismantle the enforcement of our nation’s laws.