U.S. Border Patrol Claims They Cannot Afford Lodging for Border Patrol Agents

San Diego, California – The U.S. Border Patrol continues their attempt to militarize the Border Patrol and display contempt for the rank and file by providing agents with substandard sleeping arrangements while they attend training in the San Diego Sector. Below is a picture of the sleeping arrangements in an airport hangar that the Border Patrol provided for the agents who traveled to San Diego.

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) was never informed by the Border Patrol of their intention to require agents to sleep on cots in an airport hangar while attending training. Instead, the NBPC stumbled across these sleeping arrangements by accident. According to the agents, the chain of command informed the agents that the Border Patrol did not have sufficient funding to provide proper lodging for the two week training period.

If this is the new standard, then the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) expects similar sleeping arrangements to be used for the chain of command when they are temporarily relocated to the Office of Border Patrol (OBP) in Washington D.C. or other locations around the country and when they travel to attend training. In addition, since Labor and Employee Relations (LER) and Mission Support (MS) are deeply involved with the ridiculous decisions made by the Border Patrol, the NBPC insists upon similar sleeping arrangements to be used for anyone assigned in one of these departments when they attend training that requires travel and lodging. Since the NBPC knows the chain of command, LERS, and MSS will never be forced to sleep on a cot in an airport hangar, the NBPC demands the Border Patrol stop pretending we are the military and demonstrating complete contempt for the rank and file.