AT&T Cellular Plan Enrollment Suspended

The AT&T plan will be suspended until further notice. An influx of members going to AT&T stores and questions sent to AT&T’s general customer service has caused AT&T to reevaluate their position with the program.

In the meantime, please do not go to any stores or call customer service regarding these government plans. They do not have direct access to these plans, cannot answer questions about them, or enroll members in them. The original intent was for it to be strictly run by an NBPC administator, who would process all applications and equipment.

A petition has been submitted to AT&T and we are awaiting an answer to remedy the situation. If the program is reestablished, we will notify members Local Presidents.  For the time being, all information regarding these plans will be withheld off of social media and websites as requested by AT&T’s corporate offices.

Thank you for understanding.

Andrew Brady
Plan Administrator