The “Green Wall” – Protecting Bad Managers


Over the past several years, the Vermont Sector of the Border Patrol has steadily deteriorated in every way imaginable.

The refusal of the Office of Border Patrol to address the myriad of issues has done nothing but emboldened the already poor managers who are trusted with fostering a professional work environment.

The problems are highlighted by Paul Kuhn, one of, if not the worst Patrol Agents in Charge (PAIC) in the entire Border Patrol. Beecher Falls Station has suffered a mass exodus that includes the Deputy Patrol Agent In Charge (DPAIC) busting down to a line agent to get away from PAIC Kuhn. In addition, another agent with nine years in the Patrol transferred there only to walk away from the job after just four days at the station. This has led to manpower issues that not only has compromised national security, but the safety of the agents stuck working there. The Swanton Sector has serious leadership issues and the overarching affect has been a decrease in border security, which is an issue no one should tolerate.

Unfortunately, it does not end with just this one bad manager. It starts at the top with Chief Patrol Agent (CPA) John Pfiefer and works its way down from there. It is wasting taxpayer money that quite frankly the government cannot afford to lose. CPA Pfeifer and his managers routinely ignore Agency policy and in some cases the law. Due to management’s unwillingness to address the problem, the price tag and litigation fees are mounting.


The situation has become so bad that the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) will be contracting a private investigator to look into potential witness intimidation tactics on the part of management in the deplorable felony assault case recently filed against Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Bryan McDonald. Although we will wait until we have a full report from one of the most reputable PI firms in the southwest, we will tell you that if early reports are correct, the “Green Wall” culture that is fostered and encouraged by management is alive and well.

The NBPC will not stand idly by and allow Swanton Sector Management to act with impunity by trampling on the rights of the hard working men and women of the Border Patrol to the detriment of border security and this once great nation. The NBPC will continue to bring its substantial resources to bear in this failing sector until all of the issues are properly addressed once and for all.

The NBPC stands unwavering by its members and stewards of Local 2266.

Brandon Judd